What is the Heart Beads Program?

What is the Heart Beads Program?

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A worth project.


Our Heart Beads Program is one of the most loved in our range of support services.

We are often asked questions about the program so we have answered some of them here:

What’s it all about?

The Heart Beads Program was originally developed by nursing staff at Westmead Children’s Hospital, where it is coordinated by HeartKids and generously funded by the Northern Beaches Social Riders.

The Program helps to enrich the experience of cardiac patients and their families at children’s hospitals throughout Australia.

Children are rewarded with distinctive beads specific to each procedure or treatment. The children feel a sense of achievement for their courage and the beads help them tell their story.

How do I get started?

Diagnosis or attendance at the pre-admission clinic will be the starting point for your child’s inclusion in the program. If you decide to take part in the program, you will be given a handmade Heart Beads bag.
This bag contains:
• Information regarding the program
• A special Heart Beads pendant
• A set of beads spelling your child’s name
• A threading needle and length of cord
• A prescription for the beads your child will collect
• An indemnity form (to be signed by the

How do I get my beads?

Your child will receive a prescription for a special bead every time they undergo a procedure or treatment.
As their journey continues your child’s set of beads will become increasingly special and unique. Once your child has joined the program they will collect beads each time they are in hospital.

Why be involved?

The beads are a reward for all the hardships the children face in their hospital stay and they look forward to receiving them.
Children are able to trace their unique journey and tell their story through the beads.
The beads help the children talk about their experiences and forge relationships with other children. Both boys and girls enjoy the benefits of the program.


Is there a cost involved?

HeartKids proudly funds the Heart Beads Program along with the generous ongoing support of the Northern Beaches Social Riders so that there is no cost to families collecting beads.

If you have any other questions about the Heart Beads Program please call the HeartKids Helpline on 1800 432 785 or email: office@heartkids.org.au 


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