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Rumors have been swirling in the beading and jewelry communities for at least several months now about what is going to happen with Swarovski beads, pearls and fancy stones. Although we urged y’all not to panic buy since the dust had not settled yet, we now have a much clearer picture of the landscape and we’re sorry to say it is not looking too great for lovers of Swarovski.

We have received final word that our suppliers (official Swarovski importers) will not be allowed to sell any more Swarovski beads, stones and other components to us starting in September of 2021. Now we do know that the Swarovski family is not in full agreement in this decision and lawsuits are wending their way through European courts as we speak but for all intents and purposes as it stands right now, Swarovski beads, fancy stones and other components will only be available to the producers and designers of luxury finished products who sign an agreement with Swarovski.

What this means

Currently Eureka will only be able to purchase Swarovski products through the end of the summer (Click to see our current selection and stock). We are trying to stock up on a lot of staples so that we can continue to have stock for you all but after September all of our Swarovski beads, stones and pearls will be considered discontinued and will only be available while supplies last.

What we still don’t know

Although we will be allowed to continue to sell Swarovski products until we sell out of them, it is unclear if we will have to scrub the brand name “Swarovski” off of these items. It may be possible that Swarovski can require us to do this but so far they have not made this intention known. If we do have to remove the brand name, we will most likely substitute the generic “Austrian Crystal” for these products so that savvy beaders will know they are authentic Swarovski, even if we are not allowed to say so.

What you can do

First, if you are someone who uses a lot of Swarovski products for your business or hobby, take stock of what you have and see if you can plan what you will need over the next several months. For some designs, you just need the right component and nothing else will work – these are the items to stock up on now if you have not already. Basic colors like Crystal AB are also a good idea because they will work for so many different projects. Having this stash in place will give you the leeway to start playing with different products that you can use for substitutes in your designs once Swarovski beads and fancy stones are impossible to get.

Try our newly added Preciosa bicones to substitute for Swarovski bicones or Preciosa Maxima Pearls (coming to Eureka SOON!) for Swarovski Crystal Pearls. We have just launched our Exclusive line of Krakovski Crystal Fancy stones which can be substituted for your favorite Swarovski stones. We have had such a huge response to these new crystal fancy stones that all of our stock sold out right away! We are in the process of adding deeper stock and many new colors and shapes as well so stay tuned for more from Krakovski Crystal!

And most of all, don’t panic! Yes, Swarvoski will no longer be in the picture, but this time of upheaval is also a great time to look around and get inspired by all the new products that will come to fill the gap. It’s a great opportunity to fall in love with new items, create new designs and sharpen your creative skills!

What do you think about these big changes with Swarovski? Are you sad to see them leave the DIY sphere or are you ready to move on? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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