Lovely Metal Beads in Australia

Stunning Metal Beads

I was impressed by some of the metal beads I ordered the other day from Melworks Beads and thought I let people know and write a little bit about the beads.

Beads were well packaged and you can order directly from the website as they do not have a physical store. Warehouse picks are not allowed as it does not have set hours and is not open to the public.

On the website you’ll find brass, silver, gold, antique bronze and variety of other styles and colours. Truly an amazing collection. Package was received rather quickly and they did send me a tracking number. Since I am based in Melbourne, I got the package within 3 days of ordering. The beads which I ordered were for a jewellery project and had a strong presence of antique style metal beads – mostly brass, troll and bronze. Used a focal metal pendant which I also ordered from Melworks Beads.

Metal beads & Pendants

So if you are looking for metal beads and looking for stylish and lightweight beads, then definitely check out their collection. You won’t be disappointed.


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