Getting Ready for Spring


Not long ago we were declaring New Year’s Resolutions and bundled up in layers of clothing for the cold weather. Now, spring is upon us. It’s time to get not only our closets ready for the changing season, but also our beading accessories and crafts.


With the spring season comes more flower designs and brighter colours. As the season changes, the type of jewellery you are making or the projects you take on are probably going to change as well. Most of us tend to transition our wardrobe towards clothes that keep us cooler as the temperatures outside start to warm. In the same sense, it is time to start changing out the beads and crafting stash you have in order to have more spring appropriate items easily available.


Whether you are making a new piece of jewellery specifically for Saint Patrick’s Day or Easter, ensuring that the types of patterns, colors, textures, etc., that you need are easily accessible creates a sense of ease when completing your projects.


Getting ready for spring for you may be determining what projects or pieces you are going to take up for the new season, what vibrant colours you may want to add to your stash, and what new textures you may want to try. This also may include a small trip to the store to restock some items, as well as packing up some items that should be tucked away for another season.


We have a large variety of collections that would be great in supporting your stash for the new season, check the store out to get a better idea of what you may want to add to your collection this season.

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