Beading by Beth: 12th post of 2021

 I made a few more bangles and updated the temperature rope. It was hot here but not anything above the average like most of the rest of the country. I did use the 95+ bead color. Hopefully it will be a mild July (I can dream 🙂

I have had a couple of questions about the beads that I use for my rope. They are Toho PF matte beads in size 11/0. I found them first at my local bead store and bought the rest online from an Etsy store. I searched Etsy for Toho PF Matte 11/0 beads and bought them from the shop that had the most colors 🙂

I also experimented with my TRAW bangle from my last post. I does work with 4mm beads but the stitch is fairly loose on the back. I made a couple with 4mm Amethyst beads and one with 4mm firepolish.

 Both are wearable but the 3mm beads work better. I am in the middle of another with some Picasso finish beads. I will share it when I am done!

Happy Beading and have a safe July 4th!


*As always, please read my disclaimer:

I am not affiliated with, paid by, or endorsed by anyone. By posting about beading and/or beading products I am not claiming to be an expert, nor am I suggesting the way that I do anything or the products I use are the best/correct/only way. All opinions expressed here are mine, and aren’t meant to be taken as anything more than an opinion or suggestion from some stranger on the internet 😀

Thanks for Reading & Happy Beading! -Beth

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