Adding Pantone’s Greenery to your jewellery designs


Pantone Colour of the Year: Greenery

Say goodbye to soft pinks and moody purples, Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year, Greenery, is a fresh and vibrant yellow green. They describe the colour as a “refreshing and revitalising shade” and we couldn’t agree more. There are many great ways to incorporate this colour into your jewellery designs and we have all the supplies you need. Here are some themes we have come up with that are perfect for incorporating this year’s fun spring colour into your design projects.

The “Lush Life” Look

We are thinking Giant palm leaves, soft moss, calming rain forests and juicy grass gently moving in the wind which are the perfect synonyms for Greenery. One quality of that colour as Pantone describes is that it is “illustrative of flourishing foliage”. In our opinion no other product will add a more flourish to your creation than Shibori Silk. The lush silk is hand dyed using a traditional Japanese pole-wrapping technique which makes every cut of ribbon unique. Bring the rain forest to life by using Shibori Silk Ribbon Midnight Forest in your next design piece for added lush and exotic green accents.

The “ Polished Nature” Look

River-polished stones and glistening waters spring to mind and what better way to represent this wonderful part of nature with shiny glass beads and pendants. Greenery is an ever-present colour in our urban lives, bringing a freshness to the greyness that comes with city living. For adding a bit of polished Greenery to your creations, we recommend adding a few Murano Beads or a Swarovski devoted 2 u heart pendant to your next jewellery piece.

The “Desert Revival” Look

Prickly cacti, gorgeous vistas and saturated green accents bring life into monochrome looking desert landscapes. As we mentioned already, Greenery is a revitalising colour that reminds us to relax. While a gorgeous desert vista may take our breath away the sight of beautiful flowering cacti reminds us to breathe. Even if you can’t make it to the desert, add a breath of fresh green goodness to your next creation with a desert inspired Czech Pressed Glass Sugar Skull and Honeycomb Bead combination.

So no matter what kind of look you are hoping to achieve with Greenery, check out I-Beads for all your Greenery-inspired creations.


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