11th Post of 2021-TRAW Bangles

 I beaded! I have been digging through my stash of beads and using some that I haven’t used in over a decade! I have done a bunch of beading in the last few days.  I started by making a strung bracelet out of the Uranium glass beads that I love.  I thought without the glow of a blacklight shining on it that it was a little plain so I stitched a gold bead bracelet in 3 sided Prismatic Right Angle weave to go with it… the gold one then lead to me making a silver version too.

That was not where my beading stopped. I took the 3 sided PRAW, which I like to call Triangular Right angle weave or TRAW. I figure if cubic is called CRAW then it only makes sense (at least to me) that three sided would be TRAW.  Point being that I made six more bracelets! I started with some size 8 Picasso finish beads, I then made a matching one with a pink stripe. I like the look and feel of wearing multiple bangles.

The striped one made me think that I could make one that had some dimension to it, maybe with another bead…I decided to use some 3mm silver stardust beads and a dark metallic matte size 8. 

It turned out really nice, but it lead to me digging through my 3mm beads to see what other bangles I could make. I took the idea of a raised row from the last bangle and made a set of three that I can’t wait to wear in the sun. I made them with these 3mm lab opal beads that I had and silver beads on the other bracelets to make what looks like a wide bangle but is actually three bracelets. 

I will most likely be making more bangles soon. I have some other ideas with this stitch that I need to try. I am gonna try different sized and shapes of beads to see if I can get what I am thinking will work to actually work. It feels good to bead again and have a project that doesn’t take a really long time to complete.  I enjoy long projects, but it is nice to have a quick and satisfying bracelet (or bracelets)! 

Until next time, Happy summertime Beading!


*As always, please read my disclaimer:

I am not affiliated with, paid by, or endorsed by anyone. By posting about beading and/or beading products I am not claiming to be an expert, nor am I suggesting the way that I do anything or the products I use are the best/correct/only way. All opinions expressed here are mine, and aren’t meant to be taken as anything more than an opinion or suggestion from some stranger on the internet 😀

Thanks for Reading & Happy Beading! -Beth 

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